Session Sign Up

Listed below is a list of available sessions.  Each early-release collaboration day there will be a maximum of 2 sessions offered by the Technology and Media Team.  Each of these sessions will be offered to one team or grade level at one time and sign up is on a first come, first serve basis.  This will help us to provide your team or group with the most effective professional development.

Notes About Signing Up:
  • Please do not sign up for a date in which a session has not been assigned.  An e-mail will be sent out when a new session is posted.
  • All sessions will be scheduled for 1 hour.  If additional time is required based on the content of the session, a member of the Technology and Media Team will notify you.
  • The Technology and Media Team is offering to present these to any Preschool through 12th grade team or grade level in the district.  If a session that you are interested in is already filled, please feel free to use it as a model and teach it to your own team or grade level.  Our goal is to provide those interested teachers with relevant information that can easily be replicated in any classroom.  If you use this content for your own grade level/team, please let us know - we would like to hear how your session went and what you learned!
  • Please look at the page of information for the session before signing up.  This will ensure that the session fits the goals of your grade level or team.  To see what the PD session will cover, click on the session title to view all the materials that will be used during this session.  These are all the materials that can be used to replicate your own PD for your team or grade level.
  • You may also individually sign up for a session.  To add your name to list of individuals attending that session, click inside the cell for session and add your name.

To Sign Up for a Session:
  1. Take a look at the spreadsheet above.
    1. If a PD session has been scheduled by the Technology and Media Team, it will be listed under the Session 1 Title or Session 2 Title for that particular date.
    2. If the session is still available for sign up, the Sign Up cell under that date and session title will appear green.  If the session has already been filled, the team or grade level who signed up for that session will appear in red.
  2. Once you have decided on a session, click on the  link below the spreadsheet.  This will open a Google Spreadsheet.
  3. Click on the Sign Up cell for a particular date and session and type your team name or grade level as well as a contact person.  This will provide the Technology and Media Team with a point of contact in case additional information is necessary.
  4. Check in the upper right-hand corner to make sure the spreadsheet is saved (if the spreadsheet is saved, a grayed-out Saved button will appear).  Close the spreadsheet.  The page will automatically update and others will be able to see that the session has been filled.

Future Session Development:
Is there a topic (or particular tool) that you would like the Technology and Media Team to develop a Professional Development session for you?  Please leave your comments below by typing in a new topic (or tool name) or by clicking on an existing name name in the window.  If you cannot view the suggestion window below, click here.  Note:  Suggestions are limited to 20 characters, so please be concise.  If you have a suggestion that you are not able to leave below, please e-mail Sarah Wood.